August Newsletter

Since the last newsletter three larger than life events have taken place in the lives of Kitty
and Jenny (known as the Old Antiques in England and Lucy and Ethel in the newsletter).
Whatever you want to call us. Number 1. OMG! Lucy turned 75. Yes three quarters of a century old (we will not speak of Ethel’s age). Happy Happy Birthday to Lucy!

Number 2. After much thoughtful deliberation, we decided to size down one shop and consolidate everything into the Big House. The Tanner cottage will now become a men’s clothing store. The Grinning Mule will open in the fall. We welcome Wade Moore and a new business into Five Points. It was time for the Old Antiques to be under one roof. 

These two monumental decisions and events all took place within a period of two months. As we’ve always heard it said, “busy hands keeps the devil away,” sooo we’ve certainly been busy but not to worry about the old antiques... we’ve found time to visit our favorite pub to help us make some of our big decisions. A little relaxation and libation always helps you think clearly. 

We love to share our thoughts and our road trip with you. We hope this newsletter helps you feel a part of our lives and our shop. We have found that life is about what you learn and what you give back, and our newsletter is meant to be a constant reminder of what we have experienced and what we have learned through the years. 

Soooo here’s a thought... Grab a coffee or a diet coke or better still a glass of wine... sit down for a few minutes... take a deep breath... and read our attempt to brighten your day. Enjoy. 


courtney johnson