All good things must someday come to an end...

The Royal Peasant, Five Points Athens

The Royal Peasant, Five Points Athens

There's an old saying that's familiar to everyone and it sadly states, "all good things must someday come to an end." It happened to us this year. After must agonizing, weighing the pros and cons the decision was made that our 30th Buying Adventure to England was not to be. No more renewing old friendships, no more Lucy and Ethel adventures, no more visits to our favorite pubs to discuss the weather with the locals, no more shop till we drop at our favorite warehouse and antique fairs. With very heavy hearts, we let our dealer friends know we were not crossing the pond this year and believe it or not they seemed sad that the Old Antiques were not coming and actually said they would miss us. 

Not to worry, where there's a will, there's a way - Appointments without antiques is like Lucy without Ethel, or Ethel without Lucy - Our dealer friends began sending u pictures via e-mail of wonderful, unusual, handcrafted items they had put aside for us expecting us to make our annual trip. As the pictures began arriving it was almost like being there. Every afternoon we would gather our photos, walk down to our Pub, The Royal Peasant, order a lager and pretend we were in Maggs warehouse with the Webster brothers and the ghosts, or in talented, handsome Mark Simpson's shop buying fast and furiously everything he showed us, or on the coast in Seaford with Martin Johnson and Tracey in their new beautiful shop. You, our wonderful customers are in for a treat to see what extraordinary treasures we uncovered through the internet. Isn't modern day technology unbelievable!! There we were, the old Antiques, at the Pub, buying antiques from Liverpool, Leeks, Seaford, etc, etc with a push of a button on a keyboard, and please note we were careful not to have too many lagers and buy everything we had a picture of. We left a few pieces behind. 

What a privilege and pleasure it has been to share our journeys and adventures with you. We are so fortunate to have been a part of Five Points for 29 years and hope to continue to be a part of your live for man many years to come. Although another 29 years is pushing it. You just can't do what we do if you don't love it and love your great customers. You don't have to buy (although, we'd love for you to)...just see what we're about and what we've been up to. Also, we like to talk and sometimes we even listen. So we invite you to come see our new look, be a part of our world. Learn about confit pots, how and why majolica came to be, see our collection of blue/white transfer ware - Begin a collection of something you love that is authentic to your taste and let your house become your story. Buy an original painted antique chest if that's your look. We have painted, aged (like us) rustic furniture- something for everyone. 

We've also been busy painting, redoing, upgrading, modernizing, in other words revitalizing and reinventing the shop. So please join us Thursday, September 8th for a day long celebrating of out with the old and in with the new. The good Lord willing and the creek don't rise, we'll be looking forward to showing you our new and old treasures. 

Also, register to WIN an Appointments basket filled with so many goodies and also register for an evening with the Old Antiques in Five Points. We'll visit the pub for a taste of England, talk to the "locals" about the weather, move onto The Pine for more interesting conversation and refreshments, and end up at Marker Seven for the best seafood around. 

We feel this Fall will be the best one ever. There's something in the air saying "exciting times ahead."

New football Coach

New look in the Shop

New Awakenings

Remember, join the old Antiques on Thursday, September 8th all day long. We'll see you soon!

xo - Jenny Sligh and Kitty Culpepper