Georgia Historical Plates, Blue
Georgia Historical Plates are available in blue and pink in 12 designs. The are made by Wedgewood.
  Qty General James Ogelthorpe: $60.00
  Qty Georgia Trustees and Tomochichi in London: $60.00
  Qty John Wesley teaching Indians: $60.00
  Qty Wesleyan College(Macon): $60.00
  Qty University of Georgia(Athens): $60.00
  Qty Richmond Academy(Augusta): $60.00
  Qty Nancy Hart capturing Tories: $60.00
  Qty Burning of the Yazoo Act: $60.00
  Qty Old Capitol in Milledgeville: $60.00
  Qty Atlanta Capitol: $60.00
  Qty Georgia Revolutionary Patriots portraits: $60.00
  Qty Georgia Confederate Patriots portraits: $60.00
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