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Vietri - First Stones
In sixteenth century Italy, First Stones were place to assure blessings and prosperity. Vietri's First Stones are decorative pieces to be enjoyed indoors and outside. Each stone is signed by the artist.
  Qty Rect.Fish (11.5 inches wide x 5.75 inches long): $88.00
  Qty Square Lemon (7.75 square): $72.00
  Qty Oval Rooster: $72.00
  Qty Paddle Sun (7.75 inches wide x 11.75 inches long): $110.00
  Qty Paddle Grapes (7.75 inches wide x 11.75 inches long): $95.00
  Qty Oval Sun: $88.00
  Qty Domed Fruit: $194.00
  Qty Arched Rooster: $88.00
  Qty Oval Country House: $104.00
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